Rapper Ice Cube says 'Last Friday' is coming after his next album

Posted Dec 23, 2012 by Layne Weiss
Rapper/actor Ice Cube revealed recently that the fourth installment of the "Friday" movie series, "Last Friday" is n the works. Cube also revealed that the script has just been turned in, but production won't begin until after he drops his newest album.
Ice Cube
Rapper Ice Cube
Philip Litevsky
According to HotNewHipHop, the legendary rapper's newest musical project is titled Everythang's Corrupt, and is due out sometime in 2013.
He said his major goal with the new album is to just have fun. "To me, there's no pressure at this point, Ice Cube said in an interview with The Well Versed.
Earlier this, Chris Tucker, who had starred in the first Friday film as "Smokey" said it was "doubtful" he'd ever do another film in the Friday series.
Tucker, however, did not say no either. He said he didn't think Last Friday "would be as special as the first one, but that "we'll see what happens."
Months later, Ice Cube told MTV News that Tucker's character "Smokey" was written into the script for Last Friday, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee Tucker will appear in the film. It just shows that Ice Cube is confident that ultimately, he will remember the fun the two had together filming the first first Friday and elect to start in the film.
In the event that Chris Tucker elects not to appear in Last Friday, Ice Cube still believes the movie will be "great." In an interview with the Huff Post, the rapper/actor said Chris Tucker was more than welcome to be a part of the project and that he's really hopeful he will be."