Mushrooms grow in woman's apartment carpet

Posted Dec 22, 2012 by Gar Swaffar
One woman in Sacramento, California need not go to the grocery store for mushrooms. Her crop may not be edible, but she has her own homegrown variety.
Shiitake mushroom growing block.
Shiitake mushroom growing block.
Frankenstoen - Wikipedia
The owners of the Diablo Riviera apartments, variously reported as Wisler and also Whisler Land Company at Fox 40 in Sacramento, California have apparently failed to correct a serious problem.
Natalie Wise and her asthmatic 11 year-old son, have a mushroom crop which grows from the carpet in their apartment on Fulton Ave.
After repeated attempts to discuss the problem with the resident manager, Wise tried to contact the owners directly, with no success. “At first, I called the resident manager and it’s very rare that someone can treat me with such contempt,”
The cause of the problem could be that the apartment has flooded six times since Wise moved into it two years ago.
Attempts by the local Fox News affiliate to contact the resident manager and owners were also in vain. So far, the problem remains as it was, both mold and mushrooms creating what would at the very least be an unpleasant home decor.
Would you consider moving to a different apartment after six floods and a crop of mushrooms?