Video: 'Sleeping Dogs - Zodiac Tournament' DLC trailer

Posted Dec 21, 2012 by Can Tran
The latest DLC has been released for "Sleeping Dogs" which brings a story of it's own. It is called "Zodiac Tournament" which is a homage to the old Kung-Fu movies such as Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon."
One of the ways to dispatch your enemies in  Sleeping Dogs.
One of the ways to dispatch your enemies in "Sleeping Dogs."
A streaming trailer has recently been made available for the Hong Kong-style martial arts action game called “Sleeping Dogs.” This is for a second downloadable content (DLC) storyline called the “Zodiac Tournament.” Just in time for Halloween 2012, the first story-driven DLC called “Nightmare in Northpoint” was released where the game's protagonist called Wei Shen had to rescue one of his many girlfriends from a malevolent spirit and having to fight Chinese vampires. In regards to this second story-driven DLC, this is a homage to Bruce Lee's “Enter the Dragon.”
For those that aren't familiar with the movie, Enter the Dragon revolved around a secret martial arts tournament on a remote island. In the case of the Zodiac Tournament, it's pretty much the same thing. Wei Shen is cast into a similar role as Bruce Lee's character in the movie. Wei will have to compete in the tournament and go apprehend the person who's holding the tournament. If you love the old Kung-Fu let alone Bruce Lee movies and you have a copy of Sleeping Dogs, then you may want to purchase and download this DLC.
However, there are other things in this DLC. You will be coming across opponents with fighting styles that haven't been present in the game and the previous DLC. Such examples would be wrestling, mixed martial arts, and Muay Thai. Also, this DLC isn't just about fighting people in a tournament. There are course paths to take filled with traps.
This DLC has been released on December 18; meaning, you can buy and download now. For the PC and Playstation 3, it'll be $5. For the Xbox 360, it's 400 Microsoft Points.