Video: St. Louis Rams player spikes ball and hits usher's face

Posted Dec 17, 2012 by Patrick Devaney
With the Minnesota Vikings boasting a 33-7 lead over the St Louis Rams in the fourth quarter, the home team could be forgiven for being exuberant in their celebration of a score late on in restoring some pride to the scoreline.
St Louis Rams wide receiver  Danny Amendola  spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown and hits an u...
St Louis Rams wide receiver, Danny Amendola, spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown and hits an usher in the face with the rebound
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A long drive down the field culminated in the Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford, finding wide receiver Danny Amendola in the end zone for a 6 yard touchdown.
The Vikings lead was reduced to 33-13 and Amendola's enthusiasm boiled over somewhat when he spiked the ball and it inadvertently rebounded off the ground, smacking an usher in the face.
The usher had his glasses knocked off his face also as the Rams cut their opponents lead to 33-14 with the PAT.
Another touchdown was scored by St. Louis, with Bradford connecting with Amendola for the two-point conversion, cutting Minnesota's lead to 33-22. This time, instead of spiking the ball, Amendola handed the ball to an usher.
The Vikings added on a field goal to their lead to leave the final score at 36-22 in their favour.