Video: Dog less than pleased with new fashion statement

Posted Dec 16, 2012 by Greta McClain
In this day in age, it is not unusual to see pets sporting fashionable apparel, in fact the pet fashion industry has become big business in some areas.
This dog is not very happy about wearing dog booties
This dog is not very happy about wearing dog booties
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New York City, known for a booming fashion industry, held its fourth annual New York Pet Fashion Week in August.
Dog booties can be a fashion statement, as well as a necessary protective measure for dogs. Many sled dogs wear booties to protect their paws from frostbite. The booties are also useful for "city" dogs during the winter, protecting the dogs paws from salt that is commonly used to melt ice and snow. They also keep the dogs feet from getting burned by hot concrete and asphalt.
Not all animals are pleased with donning the protective boots however, as evidenced by this less than pleased pooch. The YouTube video shows the dog trying to get the booties off before attempting to walk. The look on the dogs face clearly shows either displeasure, or perhaps shock that the owner would think the bright yellow booties were a good idea.
The boots do not harm the animal, again, they can actually be quite beneficial. The subsequent videos can also be quite amusing, which, with so much tragedy and horror in the news as of late, may be something we could all use.