Across the world, people weigh in on the Tragedy of Newtown

Posted Dec 15, 2012 by Can Tran
The emotional shock of what happened in Newtown, Connecticut resonated with the world. It expanded into the world of sports and celebrities as well.
On Friday  Dec 14th Emilie Parker was killed in the shooting in Connecticut. The family has establis...
On Friday, Dec 14th Emilie Parker was killed in the shooting in Connecticut. The family has established Emilie Parker Memorial Fund: To donate via PAYPAL use the email
Emilie Parker Fund
Recently, in regards to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, law enforcement has uncovered “information” on what led Adam Lanza to commit such a heinous and unspeakable act let alone against children. Twenty children, ranging from 5 to 10, were amongst the many victims killed in Lanza's shooting spree. New York Times reports of Lanza forcing his way into the school. The firearms used in the shooting were registered to Nancy Lanza. Lanza taught at Sandy Hook and was one of the victims killed.
Earlier, news reports had gotten the names confused as the name of the shooter was mistakenly identified as “Ryan Lanza.” Ryan is the older brother of Adam Lanza. So far, the nation and the rest of the world are having their say on the whole Sandy Hook massacre.
Before that, there are politicians that could find themselves in the hot seat in response. So far, this incident has re-greased the wheels of the gun control debate. Not only that, the gun control debate has gotten a proverbial super-battery charge where it makes it very difficult to ignore it. Pro-gun advocates will find it hard to respond to the debate due to the severity of this incident. In the case of Michigan, GOP Governor Rick Snyder is receiving calls to veto legislation that would allow concealed guns in public places where there will be children around. A few days ago as reported by the Associated Press, the federal appeals court struck down the Illinois concealed carry ban.
In non-related news, the Virginia Citizens Defense League which is a pro-gun group made plans to protest at two AutoZone stores. This is because a former employee got fired from work for bringing a gun onto the premises. However, it is unknown if the group might go through with the protests or not depending on what has transpired in Newtown, Connecticut.
The British news tabloid called Daily Mail reports that a violent episode of “Haven” was pulled by the Syfy Channel in response to Newtown. The episode is called “Reunion” as it focuses on a former student who returns for a high school reunion only to “cause trouble.”
Also, Paramount Pictures have decided to hold back the premiere of the latest Tom Cruise movie called “Jack Reacher.”
The NAACP, in a press release, said that it plans to do everything it can to help those in need in regards to the shooting. The LGBT group known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gave its condolences to the families of the victims.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his sympathy to the victims of Sandy Hook. He explains that Israel can sympathize as the Israeli people have experienced acts of slaughter. Israeli President Shimon Peres also expressed his grief at what happened. Currently, Israel is on the receiving end of international criticism in regards to the expansion of settlements.
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was quoted saying that the targeting of children, let alone what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, was heinous. He gave his prayers to the families of the Sandy Hook victims.
World leaders and figures expressed their shock, gave their condolences, and so forth. Such people included British Prime Minister David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II of the British Empire, Pope Benedict XVI, European Union President Jose Manuel Barroso, French President Francoise Hollande, and so forth.
News of the shooting resonated strongly with Australia. Australian Prime Minister Julie Gillard said that the country shares the shock that America is feeling.
The tragedy of Newtown extended to the sports and celebrity worlds. In an NBA game between the Oklahoma Thunder and the Sacramento Kings, Kevin Durant wrote “Newtown CT” on his sneakers in tribute to the victims. It resonated strongly with the NFL due to the shooting incident involving Jovan Belcher a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. LeBron James of the Miami Heat explained that it struck him a lot as he loves children.
Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and so forth took to Twitter to express their shock and give their condolences. Actress Rashida Jones, in a tweet, commented that gun control is the only road to freedom. Hip-hop artist, Keri Hilson, tweeted telling US President Barack Obama to “re-evaluate those gun laws.” Actor Josh Duhamel tweeted that these shootings need to stop.
USA Today reports on schools and students being targets across the world. It said that the school shootings are subsets of mass killings. Some incidents in the USA Today report pointed out are South Korea and Switerland. In the case of South Korea, the mass killer was a police officer. The officer killed 56 people before killing himself.
In the last three years, China has had its fill of a couple of school attacks.
The most recent incident was a few days ago where 22 students were attacked with a knife. However, none of the students were killed; but, there were some that had severed fingers and ears. In the case of the knife, it's widely used in attacks especially where there are deaths as a result. This is due to China's strict gun laws especially pertaining to private ownership.
Keep in mind that the Newtown incident is not the only incident in which children are the victims of deadly violence let alone school violence. A December 11 article, on The Independent, addresses the work that UNICEF is doing to help children that were recruited over and over again as child soldiers. Children, about the same ages of those killed in Sandy Hook, are recruited into the ranks of rebel and national armies.
In the same context, one should look at school shootings as a subset of school attacks. One should look at the educational situation in the Middle East let alone in Pakistan. In Swat valley, with a strong presence of Pakistani Taliban, schools are constantly under attack. Malala Yousafzai, a young women's rights activist, was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman. Malala survived and is currently recovering in Great Britain. Since then, Malala has been a heroine for the cause towards girls' right towards education. Asides from being an advocate of education, Malala has been a known vocally outspoken critic of the Taliban.
Recently, the “Malala Fund” has been set up to get girls across the world into school by the end of 2015. However, there are still fears. Recently, students had rallied against the naming of a college after Malala. They fear that the school would end up being a target by members of the Taliban.
Also recently, as reported by BBC News, militants have demanded cash from a church school. It gave this ultimatum: give the militant group cash or the school gets bombed. The group accuses the school of giving support to Malala.