Vandana Shiva interviewed on HARDtalk by the BBC (video)

Posted Dec 14, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Vandana Shiva is quoted as being the "original tree hugger" in this interview with the BBC. Shiva is now well known worldwide for her environmental campaigns, particularly in regard to GMOs.
Vandana Shiva interviewed by the BBC.
Vandana Shiva interviewed by the BBC.
In this hard-hitting interview, Shiva keeps her own as she first of all explains about the term "tree hugger", saying that she was a young student at the time, and that the women did not necessarily hug trees. She says that they were prepared to hug the trees, and even die if necessary, to prevent the trees from being cut down.
Vandana Shiva hugging a tree.
Vandana Shiva hugging a tree.
Shiva states in the interview that a billion people go hungry in the world because of the way greedy international companies go about their business.
The interviewer asks if this is a naïve world view or could we really end poverty and improve everyone's life by returning to old fashioned ways of farming?
Shiva then argues strongly against the use of genetically modified seeds, and emphatically stresses that seeds should be a renewable resource.
When the interviewer asks if crop yields have increased, Shiva admits that the yield has increased, but not because of the use of BT cotton seeds, but merely because of the monoculture situation now in place, and that because other people are now also growing cotton, thereby replacing other necessary food crops.