Barcelona: Woman busted with 3 lbs of cocaine in breasts

Posted Dec 13, 2012 by Larry Clifton
Wednesday, Spanish border police who arrested a Panamanian woman for smuggling cocaine at the Barcelona airport found 3 pounds of cocaine in her breasts.
The narcotics allegedly implanted in the woman’s breasts were apparently intended to be surgically removed by associates in Spain but were instead recovered at a local hospital after agents became suspicious about blood-stained gauze wrapped around the woman’s chest, according to a CNN report.
Reportedly, the woman was patted down" by a border agent who discovered bloody gauze. “Pale patches” discovered beneath her skin during a subsequent strip search were enough to convince authorities the she had not undergone recent surgery to enhance her bosom, but to hide drugs.
The woman initially claimed breast implant surgery accounted for her fresh scars. However European authorities routinely submit passengers arriving from Latin America to “stringent checks” in an effort to curb drug smuggling.
Cocaine sells for about $35,000 per pound on the drug market, according to CNN.
It was not clear what profiling technique agents typically use to detect breast loads of cocaine or whether authorities routinely inspect busty women for such narcotic implants.
The as yet unnamed suspect arrived in Barcelona from Bogota, Columbia.