Video: Farm boys' Gangman Style parody goes viral

Posted Dec 8, 2012 by Greta McClain
If you thought all the parodies that could be done to Psy's "Gangman Style" had been done, think again and watch the latest video to go viral.
Gangman Style parody entiled Farmer Style
Gangman Style parody entiled Farmer Style
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The latest twist on "Gangman Style" comes from three brothers who work at Peterson Farm and Livestock in Assaria, KS. The parody video, entitled "Farmer Style", is quickly skyrocketing up the viral video charts, receiving more than 3.8 million views in just four days.
The brothers have also become a Facebook sensation, having more than 31,600 Facebook fans. Their video has 56,914 Facebook shares according to Viral Video Chart.
Viral Trend reports that the bothers, Greg, Nathan, and Kendal Peterson, created the video to help promotes agriculture. Earlier this year, their "I'm Farming and I Grow It" video also became a YouTube sensation, receiving just under 8 million views.