Yahoo acquires startup OnTheAire

Posted Dec 6, 2012 by Owen Weldon
On Tuesday, Yahoo announced that it had acquire a small startup called OnTheAir, which specializes in broadcasting video chats or interviews to audiences online.
Yahoo! Corporate building
Yahoo! Corporate building
Courtesy Yahoo
According to MySinChew, the financial terms of the deal to buy the company were not discussed nor were they disclosed. Yahoo did say that five members of the relatively new startup would be joining the mobile technology team at Yahoo.
According to PCWorld, Daniel Hopkins, an OnTheAir team member, use to work at Google on infrastructure that supports Google+ and Gmail, while Erik Goldman and Mike Kerzhner worked on products at Apple.
According to ZDNet, under new Chief Executive Marissa Mayer, this is the second acquisition of a mobile startup.
Mayer has said before that she eventually wanted half of Yahoo's staff to be working on mobile products.