French-Fried Potatoes Introduced In Flavors, Shapes & Colors

Posted Feb 11, 2002 by Digital Journal Staff
It is being described as the most radical thing to hit french fried potatoes since ketchup itself.
American food giant H.J. Heinz Co. says that as of May, consumers can begin purchasing cinnamon sugar fries, chocolate fries and even a blue-colored variety, all targeted particularly toward children.
Heinz associates remind potential customers that the blue fries, for instance, can be made even more colorful by adding Heinz green or purple ketchup, which the company began selling two years earlier.
Other selections include sour cream and chive fries and a cylindrical fry made with a hole in the middle to maximize crunch.
Heinz is a leading U.S. marketer of a range of food brands, with sales approaching $10 billion. Its 50 companies operate in some 200 countries around the world.