Video: Man and 27-stone tiger are best friends

Posted Dec 2, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
A four-year-old 27-stone tiger called Mulan, has bonded inseparably with a Indonesian man, Abdullah Sholeh of Malang, Indonesia, after he helped raise the tiger for the owner Noer Mohammad Sholeh, from when he was a three-month-old cub.
Taken at Australia Zoo in Beerwah  Queensland  AU
Taken at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, AU
Abdullah Sholeh is known affectionately in his district as the tiger nanny. Having formed a very close and trusting relationship with Mulan, the two are inseparable. Sholeh often spends the night with the big cat in a outhouse. He spends every day of his life sleeping, eating and playing with the animal.
Mulan reportedly has a fondness for mock fighting. During play, he stages "mock attacks" on Sholeh and on one occasion, accidentally hit Sholeh with its clawed paw.
The video, uploaded by Bancroft media, shows the man and tiger playing in the garden behind the home of the tiger's owner.
Many viewers of the video are amazed at the bond between man and tiger.
YouTube user BeamerUSA, comments: "He's blessed to play with such a majestic animal."
Puddycat11385 says: "Awee I'm moving there... I would so love to hug and kiss and wrestle with a tiger... they are my favorite animals."
But many others are wary of the friendship, fearing from adage that "He who tries to ride the tiger will end up in the tiger's belly."
Derek from Ireland, gives warning on the Daily Mail: "Look we all know a tigers instincts , we all know what's going to happen and the sad thing is when it does it will be the tigers fault and it will be put down. The bloke isn't been far in both himself and the tiger full stop."
Karen from Swindon said: "The tiger is thinking Yummy! and saving him for dinner later."
But Liz from Devon defends the friends, saying: "Cats aren't stupid. This cat has a bond with this man, the only way it would ever 'turn' on him is if he attacked the tiger or if it was in pain and would underestimate its power. It would be accidental if anything. Give animals more credit."
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