Ronda Rousey gives 'training secret:' sex before an MMA match

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Can Tran
Ronda Rousey, the first female to be signed with the UFC, was interviewed on Jim Rome's talk show on Showtime. She revealed pre-fight sex as a "training secret."
Ronda Rousey holding the Strikeforce women s bantamweight championship belt.
Ronda Rousey holding the Strikeforce women's bantamweight championship belt.
In regards to women's mixed martial arts in general, Olympic Judoka Ronda Rousey is currently the face of this division. After Gina Carano's last match against Cris “Cyborg” Santos a few years ago, there wasn't really wasn't someone else to step up. However, that has changed since the emergence of Rousey. For those that follow MMA, let alone WMMA, one can say that the title of “WMMA's face” goes to this 2008 Olympic bronze medalist. Her current professional MMA record currently has zero losses.
So far, Rousey's accomplishments in MMA let alone in Strikeforce's women's bantamweight division has gotten the attention of Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Back in 2011, Zuffa Inc. which owns UFC bought Strikeforce. By January 2013, Strikeforce is folding as it leaves the UFC and Bellator the two major MMA promotions in North America. In the past, White had said that the UFC wouldn't be having a women's division. Since Rousey has an undefeated record along with winning and successfully defending the title, White has made a 180-degree about face.
Rousey had made history as being the first female to be signed with the UFC. As a result, she is the women's bantamweight champion in the UFC; but, it is unknown when or where her first fight is going to be. Also, it's unknown on who Rousey will fight in her debut match. While many want to see a match between Rousey and Cyborg Santos, it seems highly unlikely due to Santos not dropping down to 135. Currently, the 135-pound division is the only women's division White is bringing into the UFC.
Recently, Rousey talked a bit about her sex life. She was interviewed on Jim Rome's show on Showtime. Before Strikeforce officially folds, it still has a current contract with the Showtime network.
Questions athletes let alone professional fighters are asked usually pertain to training secrets or tips. Rousey was asked about her training secrets when on Jim Rome's Showtime talk show. However, the question wasn't about training secrets. Rome asked Rousey about her views in regards to sex before a fight.
Rousey's answer was pretty blunt and straight to the point. Her answer was straightforward and technical; when answering Rome's question, Rousey said that sex raises the testosterone level for women. Rousey followed up by saying she has as much sex as possible before fight night. In this respect, that keeps the testosterone levels elevated to stay aggressive for the fight. MMA is an aggressive sport; thus, being aggressive can be a potential plus when in the cage or in the ring.
The article on Yahoo! Sports points out that Rousey isn't the first athlete let alone combat athlete to make this claim. It points out that Chilean soccer player Elias Figueroa also made a similar claim.
But, the article does point out to a CNN article back in August 10, 2012 that says otherwise. In the CNN article, Maria Christina Rodriguez Gutierrez of the National Autonomous University of Mexico said that it is important to take sex and everything else in moderation. However, to Gutierrez, that didn't apply to combat sports let alone MMA. In this respect, it's okay for athletes in general but a risk for combat athletes before a fight.
While Rousey said that pre-fight sex helped her a lot, Gutierrez said that pre-fight sex can alleviate aggression. But, she did say the effects will vary from one person to another. In the case of Rousey, she's an example of the variable of her testosterone levels getting raised.
Back to Rousey, she gave tidbits of her “training secrets” and sex life altogether. For all combat athletes in general there is this question: to have or not to have pre-fight sex?