Op-Ed: The Handshakes and Hugs for Peace and Love campaign starts now

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Vlad Bourceanu
Thought of and launched by myself, and first covered by Digital Journal a couple of months ago, the Handshakes and Hugs for Peace and Love campaign start date is now tonight.
Shaking hands with someone
Shaking hands with someone
The campaign (of which the original coverage on Digital Journal can be seen here) merely asks anyone who wishes to do so, to give a handshake and/or a hug to as many people as they can and wish to throughout the month of December 2012 (and, hopefully, beyond!).
It has a Facebook event page anyone can join to show their support for the initiative.
Alvaro Canivell (photo), Vlad Bourceanu (text)
It may seem like a trite, idealistic or even naive concept, but we do believe that the best ideas are the simple ones. Who knows what a wave of love and peace based on handshakes and hugs for at least a month can accomplish?
Join us in Handshakes and Hugs throughout December 2012 for Peace and Love worldwide.