Dancing dog video goes viral on YouTube

Posted Nov 26, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A video uploaded to YouTube on Thanksgiving Day is going viral on the network. The short clip shows a dog "dancing" in anticipation of getting some leftover turkey.
Screengrab of  Sloopy  the dancing chihuahua in action
Screengrab of "Sloopy" the dancing chihuahua in action
YouTube/Devin Contreras
A dancing chihuahua video is getting a lot of attention on YouTube. The video currently has over 800,000 page views and 524 comments. The clip was uploaded on Nov. 22, 2012.
The description underneath the video states, "My chihuahua Sloopy, after our thanksgiving meal started dancing for the plate of turkey on the counter! He kept dancing so I put on some Miami Sound Machine and let him get busy! ENJOY"
The video shows the small dog standing up on his hind legs moving back and forth while wagging his tail and looking up at the counter-top. At the end of the :54 clip, the dog steps down and runs in the room where the camera is and you can hear a man say "good boy" with some laughing.
The dog's owner, YouTube user Devin Contreras, later added an update which stated an insurance company asked the chihuahua to be the company's mascot.
"UPDATE!! HAHA I cant believe that just asked SLOOPY to be their official MASCOT! check it out."
The Huffington Post (U.K.) is a bit skeptical of the video.
No word on whether or not Sloopy was rewarded with any turkey.