Justin Bieber gets award from Prime Minister Harper — in overalls

Posted Nov 24, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
Justin Bieber met his country's Prime Minister on Friday, Nov. 23 in Ottawa, Ontario. The Biebs was given the honor in order to receive a Diamond Jubliee medal.
Canadian pop star receives a Diamond Jubilee medal from his country s prime minister  Stephen Harper...
Canadian pop star receives a Diamond Jubilee medal from his country's prime minister, Stephen Harper, on Nov. 23, 2012.
Photo courtesy Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Currently on his 'Believe' tour in support of his album of the same name, Bieber performed in Ottawa, his country's capital, later that evening. The 18-year-old pop star created a minor stir by wearing grey overalls with one strap done up, a white t-shirt and a baseball cap on backwards to meet the P.M.. The twitter universe picked up on his somewhat unusual attire.
The consensus from dozens of tweets was that he might have considered something a little less casual. One tweet from a fan read "stephen harper isn't your friend the cowboy. It's the prime minister of your own country." Bieber himself only tweeted "Overauhls. lol."
Bieber: Award from Prime Minister
The medal was minted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's ascension to the British throne; Canada is part of the Commonwealth and the Queen remains the country's titular head of state. Lest you think it was a rare honor, 60,000 Canadians will be awarded the Diamond Jubliee medal to honor "significant contributions and achievements by Canadians." Not all, of course, will have the medal given to them by the prime minister.
Bieber, with his medal in tow, continues his tour in Montreal on the Monday the 26th, New York on the 28th and 29th and Toronto on Saturday, Dec. 1st. He is then off the road until January when he plays dates in the United States before traveling to Europe in February to continue touring until the end of April.