Thai man loses penis after injecting olive oil for enlargement

Posted Nov 20, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
A Thai man who attempted to acquire a bigger penis through an olive oil injection therapy lost the organ altogether. Surgeons had to remove his penis after he developed penile cancer 19 years after the treatment.
Hospital Emergency Entrance
Hospital Emergency Entrance
AFP reports that one of the surgeons who performed the surgery, Sirikul Jiaranaikhajorn, said: "This is the biggest (genital) surgery we have ever done as we found cancer." She said most cases of infection following the injection treatment are not complicated with cancer. She said: "It only brings bad results - people misunderstand (that it works)."
According to The Bangkok Post, the unidentified man who sought treatment at the Police General Hospital, said: "I had olive oil injected into my penis 19 years ago. A friend had done it and told us about it. That friend did injections for me and two others at home."
Three years after the injection, the tip of his penis showed signs of an infection. He underwent a circumcision surgery to cure it. But after several years, the infection recurred and doctors finally diagnosed cancer.
Now the man is trying to alert his friends and other Thai men about the health risks of the procedure. He said: "I have lost touch with those friends. But I don't think they are in any better shape. I am lucky I just lost an organ."
The Bangkok Post reports that doctors say there is a trend of Thai men injecting olive oil into their penises for enlargement. Medical workers say they see about 30 to 40 men every month with complications related to olive oil injections.
Health officials are campaigning to make Thai men understand that "size is not all that matters" in a man's sexual function. They are spreading the message that the promise of a bigger penis is not worth the risk of losing the entire organ through a questionable enlargement procedure, AFP reports.
According to Police Lt. Gen Jongjate Aojanepong, surgeon-general of the Police General Hospital, there is a popular misconception that olive oil injections increase penis size. He warned: "There is no medical procedure to increase the size and make it work properly without causing harm. Normally, the procedure is used for erectile dysfunction."
The medical expert said that when injected oil is not absorbed into the body, it causes irritation and the body reacts by producing more connective tissue which my turn malignant.
Jongjate advised other men who may have sought the olive oil injection therapy to consult a doctor before it is too late. He said: "There are tens of thousands of men who have undergone the procedure. They should see a doctor, the sooner the better."
He revealed that the Police General Hospital has a special medical unit composed of expert surgeons with experience in penile injection cases. The unit also provides psychologists for counseling, he said.
According to The Bangkok Post, Dr Surat Kittisupaporn, a urologist, said the substances used in most cases are olive oil and silicone. AFP reports that the quack procedure involves injecting a mixture of olive oil, bees wax, silicone and sometimes even paraffin.
Dr. Kittisupaporn explained: "Olive oil is the most popular because it is cheap and widely available."
He said that although there are several surgical methods for correcting the damage done to the organ after the odd mixture is injected, patients often suffer permanent disfigurement and may be unable to achieve penetration afterward. He said: "They won't get it back 100% but they may get an erection if they did not inject the substance into the 'core'. But if it turns out to be cancer, it has to be removed."
Dr. Jiaranaikhajorn had an advise for men. She said: "A woman will love a man not because of the size."