Social media fail: Marshall Brandon's faux pas on Twitter

Posted Nov 16, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
An NFL player accidentally tweeted an image of a naked teammate to his 750,000 followers. He quickly deleted the photo, however, not fast enough.
Screen shot of a partial image that looks what NFL s Brandon Marshall probably intended to share wit...
Screen shot of a partial image that looks what NFL's Brandon Marshall probably intended to share with his Twitter audience. Instead, the photo he shared inadvertently included one of his teammates changing his uniform in the background.
Mashable/Brandon Marshall
According to Mashable, Brandon Marshall was in the Chicago Bears' locker room on Wednesday morning and learned he had a package sent from the University of Central Florida; his alma mater where he played college football.
He tweeted he had a package, wondering what was inside.
Opening the package, he found a UCF t-shirt which he promptly put on and had someone take a photo, which was then shared with his 750,000+ Twitter followers. Problem was he didn't fully check out the image before he uploaded and sent it out into the Twittersphere. Turns out a teammate was getting dressed in the background, giving a full view of his naked body from behind.
He deleted the photo as soon as he realized his blunder, sending out an apologetic tweet that said, "Sorry about my guy in the back getting dressed in that photo."
However, by that point the image had already been shared throughout the network. Huffington Post reported that many websites, including popular sites Deadspin, Yahoo! and Bleacher Report took note of the image.
USA Today, however, pointed out that Marshall took care in covering up addresses when taking photographs of the package, indicating that he does consider privacy.
Perhaps he was so excited about the shirt that he did not notice his photographer didn't observe the unidentified football player changing in the background. As Tech Zone 360 pointed out, Marshall was simply trying to connect with people, which is the whole point of social media.
Which goes to show, no matter the good intentions, mistakes happen, and always review before you hit that send button. Once it's out there, delete may not be enough.