Russian grandmother kills attacking wolf with bare hands and axe

Posted Nov 13, 2012 by Brett Wilkins
Perhaps preparing to do the dirty work in preparation for Little Red Riding Hood's arrival, a big, bad wolf picked the wrong grandmother to attack and paid for its mistake with its life.
A Russian grandmother killed an attacking wolf with an axe.
A Russian grandmother killed an attacking wolf with an axe.
ITN screen grab
The Raw Story reports that 56-year-old Russian Aishat Maksudova was out herding animals near Novo Biryuzak, Dagestan when she was called to help a calf that was being attacked by a hungry wolf. The pensioner quickly dispatched the animal with the best weapons at her disposal-- her bare hands and an axe.
"The wolf clawed my leg, and I wanted to hit him with an axe," Maksudova told Reuters. "When I raised my arm up... the wolf was just holding my hand, trying to claw my hand. I wanted to open his mouth and put my fist all the way there, all the way to his throat. But I could not open his jaws."
That's likely because a wolf's jaws are extremely powerful, exerting as much as 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch. That's enough force to snap an elk leg in half.
The quick-thinking, tough grandmother instead swung her axe down hard on the unfortunate animal, striking it in the head. The wolf fell dead at her feet.
Maksudova told Reuters that she "was not even frightened" when the big, bad wolf attacked her. She was treated for injuries to her leg and her hand.