Facebook censors Golden Dawn members

Posted Nov 13, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
Following hundreds of complaints Facebook has decided to censor Greece's ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), by blocking the profiles of some MPs and party members.
Golden dawn
Golden dawn
χρυση αυγη
TVXS reported Facebook stated the profiles of Golden Dawn members "violate the policy against violence and racism."
Facebook rules explicitly states that anyone with comments, photos and postings on the site that challenge persons, races, religions and ideologies is eliminated from the network. Yet, as Before It's News reports, prominent jihadists are allowed to maintain their Facebook profiles.
The Facebook page of Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidarias can be seen here, although there is nothing to see.
Golden Dawn MP's and members reacted by slamming Facebook's decision. According to Ekathimerini members described the block as an “act of censorship” and a “relentless attack against nationalist users.”
As a legitimate political party under the terms of Greece's constitution with 18 elected members of parliament, the party "has reportedly filed a complaint with Greece’s electronic crimes unit."