Wife runs over husband with SUV, because Obama was re-elected

Posted Nov 12, 2012 by Yukio Strachan
An Arizona woman allegedly ran over her husband with the family SUV saying it's his fault that President Barack Obama was re-elected, since he didn't vote, police said.
Holly Solomon  28  was arrested on charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault charges after...
Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested on charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault charges after she allegedly ran down her 36-year-old husband in a parking lot after an argument over politics.
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
The Republic says Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested about 10 a.m. Saturday after she chased her husband Daniel Solomon, 36, in a parking lot on Gilbert Road near Vaughn Avenue, according to Sergeant Jesse Sanger of the Gilbert Police Department.
Sanger said an argument started in a parking lot Saturday morning because Daniel Solomon didn't vote.
"According to Daniel, Holly believed her family was going to face hardship as a result of President Obama's re-election," Sanger said.
Witnesses told police they heard yelling and saw Solomon get behind the wheel of the Jeep and chase her husband through the parking lot.
The victim tried hiding behind a light pole to shield himself, Sanger said, while his wife “drove around the pole numerous times while continuing to yell at him," KPHO writes.
Eventually, her husband tried to make a run for it, but Solomon hit him, pinning him under the car and on a curb, Sanger said.
Daniel Solomon is currently in critical condition at an area hospital, the Phoenix New Times reported.
Holly Solomon was booked into jail on charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault, and there are no indications she was impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time, according to Sanger.