Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope to meet 'dream man,' Joe Biden

Posted Nov 10, 2012 by Layne Weiss
On Thursday November 15, US Vice President Joe Biden will make a cameo on the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation." Biden's appearance was filmed in July, but everything about the scene was kept a secret.
The vice president Joe Biden with Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in an upcoming episode of  Parks and Re...
The vice president Joe Biden with Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in an upcoming episode of "Parks and Recreation"
David Giesbrecht / NBC
Executive producer Michael Schur threatened that if any details were leaked about Biden's appearance, a similar cameo appearance may have been given to GOP vice presidential candidate, The New York Times reports.
Joe Biden has been mentioned frequently on the show as he is the man of star character and newly elected City Councilwoman, Leslie Knope's dreams, and now she gets to meet him.
The VP's cameo occurs at the beginning of the episode when Knope's fiance and campaign manager Ben Wyatt takes her to the White House to meet her dream man as an engagement surprise, Entertainment Weekly reports.
Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, has said her ideal man has the "brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden."
"Meeting Vice President Biden was a thrill for me and for Leslie," Amy Poehler said in a statement, the Huff Post reports. "He was a good sport and a great improvisor. The Vice President maintained his composure while I harassed him and invaded his personal space. The nation of 'Parks and Rec' will be forever grateful."
Apparently, getting the Vice President to appear on the show was a lot easier than producers imagined, Entertainment Weekly reports. "His staff really loves the show, and he apparently had watched the show with his family, and his family liked it, " executive producer Michael Schur said.
When the Parks and Recreation crew asked Biden's staff members about him appearing on the show, they were "immediately enthusiastic," Schur told The New York Times. The idea was then run by Biden himself. "He thought it was a great idea, and was excited about it," Schur said.
Leslie Knope will meet her crush on November 15 at 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST on NBC.