Video: Woman pedestrian crushed between three cars survives

Posted Nov 7, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
Footage shows a horrifying accident that happened on a busy street in Birmingham. A woman was lucky to escape with her life when she was crushed between three cars as she attempted to cross a busy road.
Pedestrian crushed between three cars
Pedestrian crushed between three cars
The Daily Mail reports the accident, captured by the CCTV cameras of a nearby shop. occurred on Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, on October 20 at about 3:40 p.m.
It shows a woman in white at the top right hand, attempting to cross the road. She emerges from behind a parked silver colored car and as the makes to cross, a fast moving red car appears suddenly while another car pulls into the road at the intersection.
The red car rams into the parked silver colored car. The woman has little time to react to the fast pace of action as she is pinned between the silver, black and red car while passersby watch in horror. But, unbelievably, she emerges from the pile-up with only minor injuries.
The Sun reports that the manager of the nearby Shama Fashion shop, Abdul Jabbar, 44, who witnessed the crash, said: "A woman got squashed between two cars - a silver car and a parked black one. Everyone was shocked. Then the police and ambulance came."
An elderly man who also witnessed the crash, said: "There was a crowd of people. A young woman was standing there and her nose was bleeding."
According to the Daily Mail, the West Midlands Police are investigating the accident. A police spokesman said: "Police were called at around 3.40 p.m. on 20 October after a vehicle collided with three parked vehicles and a pedestrian on Alum Rock Road."
The Sun reports the spokesman said: "Two women suffered non-life threatening head injuries while a 10-year-old boy suffered a leg injury. Inquiries are currently ongoing. Drivers were spoken to at the scene but nobody has been arrested."
The identity of woman is unknown.