As nor'easter threatens NJ and NY, many still without power Special

Posted Nov 7, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
As of Wednesday, several hundred thousand people are still reportedly waiting for restoration of electricity. Currently the region is preparing for a nor'easter, and the situation could worsen if the incoming storm hits the region hard.
As of Monday morning, local media reports in N.Y. said millions of people in the tri-state area were still without power. On Tuesday, this number had decreased, however on Wed., it is being reported hundreds of thousands of people are still without electricity.
After the storm, local utility companies began to restore power, but in some areas, restoration was slow. Several media reports indicated outside contracted companies were arriving to help local companies.
It appears help continued to steadily arrive in the Sandy aftermath with many utility companies still traveling to the tri-state area one week after the storm passed. Over the weekend caravans of utility trucks could be observed on I-81 and I-78 in Pennsylvania headed east.
A large caravan of utility trucks from one energy company were observed by Digital Journal on Sunday. It was unclear where these trucks were headed, and Digital Journal was unable to obtain this information at time of publish.
Over the next few days utility companies steadily got people online, however many still remain in the dark and without heat as temperatures continue to plunge.
The prolonged power outages are a concern as a potential nor'easter is projected to impact the northeast. Digital Journal has spoken to some residents still without electricity and heat in New York's Hudson Valley region. There is concern about the next storm causing further damage to homes, such as frozen pipes bursting.
Yesterday, it appeared at least six other utility companies were also sending several crews/trucks eastbound to help with relief, as observed by Digital Journal on I-78 and I-81 in eastern Pennsylvania.
Utility companies are saying they are steadily working to get power back, but it could still be days before everyone is restored.
NY1 reported the storm is not as strong as originally anticipated, however could complicate the situation in the Sandy-battered region. Unfortunately, ongoing recovery efforts may reportedly have to be put on hold as the projected nor'easter arrives.
At this time, many residents affected by Sandy in New York and New Jersey are being asked to evacuate before the next storm arrives. Forecasts say some areas could see up to a foot of snow with others communities experiencing flooding.