Op-Ed: Fake cops and phony Democrats tricking voters against Prop 37

Posted Nov 5, 2012 by Anne Sewell
In a last ditch attempt to dissuade voters from voting yes on Proposition 37, a whole load of voter guides from fake front groups, posing as cops, literacy and environmental groups and Democrats are being dropped into peoples' mailboxes.
Ca Right to Know
In one example, Pamela Prindle from Albany was alarmed when she received a slate mailer last weekend from a group purporting to be the Democratic Party. The mailer strongly advised her to vote against the GMO labeling initiative.
Prindle said, “I was so upset, I called the Democratic Party and they said their official position is endorsing Proposition 37.”
It then became clear that the mailer, which features photos of former Democratic presidents, was actually from a group calling itself Democratic Voter's Choice, which has a notorious reputation for deception.
“People are going to get this in the mail three days before the election and they’re not going to take the time to check into it like I did,” Prindle added.
Ca Right to Know
Dave Murphy, who is co-chair of the California Right to Know Yes on 37 campaign, and executive director of Food Democracy Now! said, “This is just one of many examples of slate mailers from obviously fake front groups trying to trick voters about Proposition 37.”
“Obviously the pesticide and junk food corporations bankrolling the No on 37 campaign know they can’t win on the merits of their arguments, so they are using every dirty trick in the book to confuse voters into voting against their right to know what’s in their food,” Murphy said.
Other examples of obviously false front groups opposing Proposition 37 include:
The Cops Voting Guide
This slick mailer features photos of badges and sirens, opposes Prop 37, but has absolutely nothing to do with police officers.
When visiting their website, it is found that the director of Cops Voting Guide is Kelley Moran, who has "over 20 years of experience working with public safety." His actual profession is political consultant.
Coalition for Literacy
The first thing you might ask yourself is, why would a literacy group oppose labeling? It's not actually possible to tell from the group's one-page website.
However, the tobacco industry used this very same front group earlier this year to oppose the tobacco tax, Proposition 27.
Californians Vote Green
If you are wondering why a Green group would oppose Prop 37, the only thing you will be able to glean from their website is that you should "please direct inquiries to Paul."
Ca Right to Know
It seems $45 million buys a lot more than just misleading TV ads. You can read more about the "pay-to-play" slate mailers from dubious characters and groups, who appear to have success in swaying voters, in the San Francisco Sentinel. Yes, money can buy anything.
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