Staff & students stage Madrid university Zombie flash mob (video)

Posted Nov 2, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Emulating a similar event by Chilean students, a group of administrative workers, teachers and students from Complutense University got together in a zombie flash mob dance in the defense of public university.
Admin  teachers and students at a Madrid University perform a protest zombie flash mob
Admin, teachers and students at a Madrid University perform a protest zombie flash mob
Video screen capture
With a 'remake' of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video, zombies danced through the Hall of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the Complutense, in the Somosaguas campus.
In a statement, protesters said that "With this action we want to raise awareness to the plight which UCM is experiencing, with the harsh policy of cuts and increase in rates implemented by the central Government and the community of Madrid."
The group criticized the rector of the Complutense, José Carrillo, saying he is the one who is "running" these measures "making the University a cemetery of rights and equality of opportunities, with students who must leave their studies or not have access to them".
With this performance, administrative staff, faculty and students have demanded the withdrawal of the laws "that infringe on the right to work and education" and call for a "serious and convincing" commitment in defense of the public University.
As reported on Digital Journal, since 2010, around $6.5 billion has been cut from the Spanish education budget, tens of thousands of teaching jobs have been lost, and there have been dramatic increases in tuition fees.
"Tuition fees have risen sharply. Last year I paid 700 euros and this year it is 1,300 euros," said 21-year-old journalism student Laura Ruiz.
In a country with 25% unemployment, where around 52% of young Spaniards are unable to obtain employment, availability of education becomes even more important.