Video: New Obama ads featuring endorsement from Gen. Colin Powell

Posted Nov 1, 2012 by Can Tran
The Obama campaign quickly took advantage of the endorsement of Colin Powell as new ads were released with only days to go until Election Day 2012.
Colin L. Powell
Retired General in the United States Army, the 65th United States Secretary of State (2001-2005), serving under President George W. Bush. The first African American appointed to that position.
File photo
United States President Barack Obama, the Democratic incumbent, recently received an endorsement from General Colin Powell who served as the US Secretary of State under former US President George W. Bush during his first term. During the 2008 US general election between Obama and his GOP rival John McCain, Powell gave his endorsement to Obama. For the 2012 US elections, Powell has once again endorsed Obama.
Despite endorsing Obama, Powell still identifies himself as a Republican.
As Election Day on November 6 approaches, the Obama campaign wasted no time in airing the newest ads featuring Powell. There is a video ad and a radio ad available. Currently, the ads are scheduled to run in several states including Ohio and Florida which are crucial battleground states. Either state could swing to Obama or former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee.