Watch Joe Biden promise to give supporters the 'whole load today'

Posted Nov 1, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
Watch Vice President Joe Biden, the man who said President Barack Obama has "a big stick," now say he (Biden) is going to give supporters the "whole load today."
Vice President Joe Biden addresses Democratic National Convention
Vice President Joe Biden addresses Democratic National Convention
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Biden says: “As they say in my business (?), I’m going to give you the whole load today... I’m going to give you the whole load today because I’m frustrated with these guys.”
What "whole load?"
Rush Limbaugh thinks he knows: "Rachel, will women interpret that the way I think they will? If you're in that audience, is that what you would think? Really? Well, this is a very unfair question to ask, but who would want that in that crowd?... Now, if Clinton said it, it would be a different thing... ladies, I'll give you my whole load today..."
However, the video shows that what Biden really meant was the "whole load" of his views about the Republican Party's campaign message about the American auto industry.
Speaking In Sarasota, Florida, he unloaded stinging criticism of Romney's campaign ad that alleged American auto makers are planning to move to China.
Biden called the Romney ad "one of the most flagrantly dishonest ads I can ever remember in my political career."
NBC News reports that Romney's ad has also been widely questioned by fact checkers and by auto manufacturers who say it is "an outrageous lie."
Biden said that a statement released by General Motors called the Romney ad "campaign politics at its cynical worst." Biden said: "All my time I have never heard an American corporation in the waning hours of the campaign engage with that kind of description of what a presidential candidate's doing."
NBC News reports that a Romney adviser, Kevin Madden, responded to Biden, saying: "We've got an ad out that we believe makes the case for why Gov. Romney would be stronger for the auto industry and why the auto industry's an important part of a strong economy. They've got an ad that they're using to make their case to the public, and we'll leave that with voters."
Biden challenged United Auto Workers' representatives to check the facts, saying: "Folks, the president's job is not to sow confusion. It's to plant the seeds of confidence."