Op-Ed: Insane Glenn Beck quickly becoming the voice of reason

Posted Oct 30, 2012 by Christopher Wager
Glenn Beck, first New York and now Dallas. Since leaving Fox news his Internet network has been a runaway hit. To go along with his publishing house, clothing line, documentary company, and Mercury One, Glenn's charity/action organization.
glenn beck
Glenn Beck
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Dallas, Texas- Glenn Beck is best known to millions from his top rated radio show, his brief stint on CNN and Fox news, and his very own Internet network. However, what you may not know about Glenn is his tragic childhood, battle with alcohol, and his fight back. If anyone in media can claim to be a great Cinderella story, it’s Glenn Beck. From a small town in Washington state, son of a baker, to the number one voice of patriotic conservatives everywhere.
Like an ever changing season, Glenn’s audience has watched him go from what some would consider a raving mad man to a refined, self-educated scholar who has shared his triumphs and failures for all to see. For Glenn, his relationship with his audience is unlike any other in media which can be boiled down to one single idea, respect. Glenn has never taken a position they were less than able to grasp what on some occasions are some extremely complex theories. Delivered with seriousness, a sense of urgency, and a sprinkle of humor that only Glenn can do.
Glenn has elevated himself through intense study, research and, of course, surrounding himself with the best company. This is not to say he hasn’t paid a price for holding firm to his beliefs in Divine Providence, God, and other questionable positions such as honor, courage, and love. Not afraid to call ’em as he sees ‘em.
Hate mail, threats on his life, and out and out lies have not discouraged or frightened this man away from the truth, which brings us to the point, that for what you think he stands for, what he believes or for just the way he enjoys cake too much.
His facts proven to be self-evident, and his predictions of what will come to pass have been accurate. I am sure Glenn would be the first to say he doesn’t have a crystal ball or Tarot cards aiding him in his glimpse into the future. What perhaps he might say is we only have to look to our past to understand our future. Glenn’s predictions most of the time are riddled with unpleasant news of events to come. However, if Glenn were to leave it there, he would be just all the other guys out there talking politics. Glenn is not like everyone else, I don’t think Glenn has ever been like anyone else. Glenn follows up his interpretations of current events with talk of hope, love, and reminders of who Americans are. In addition, he and his staff work hard to bring in experts to address some of the most pressing issues facing America.
Offering insight and tools to help his audience better prepare for what’s to come. Yes, he cries, maybe eats too much, and uses his show as an excuse to bring in sweet goodness. But, Glenn has entertained his audience, and touched them with one of his most endearing qualities…he genuinely cares and puts it all out there. I don’t know of any single man who has motivated so many people to act on their better selves. Restoring Love Glenn’s “last” major event in Dallas reawakened Americans from a long sleep proving to them and the world that God, love, and caring for one another never goes out of style.
Always reminding us to question, to have faith in God, and our selves. And, of course, that we are in this together.