District 3: GMD3 spread band's new name after ‘virus’ jibe

Posted Oct 10, 2012 by Mathew Wace Peck
A three-member boy-band – formerly known, collectively, as GMD3 – have launched a new Facebook page to promote their recent name change.
District 3 (formerly GMD3)
District 3 (formerly GMD3)
District 3
Dan Ferrari-Lane (19), Mickey Parsons (18) and Greg West (18) announced the rebranding at the weekend, after asking their fans to help them choose a new name.
As of Saturday’s live edition of The X Factor (UK), the band has been known as District 3, with a new Facebook page, District3Music, though the band’s previous Facebook page, GMD3, is also still available.
The change came about following comments made by former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne.
Previously, during the house stage of the current ITV series, Osbourne joined Louis Walsh in Las Vegas. She was helping the X Factor judge decide which of his top three acts he wanted to send through to the live stage of the show.
During the whittling-down process, Osbourne, never shy of saying exactly what she thinks, pointed out that the band’s name sounded more like a disease.
Following her comments, Walsh and the boys set about finding a new moniker that sounded less like a name for a sexually transmitted disease, and asked their fast-growing fan base to help.
Of the names suggested by the public, Parsons told the Sun, “There were quite a few good suggestions – and loads of joke ones: Greg and His Sausage Rolls; Threesome, Threeway; Louis’ Little Boys.” However, the name finally decided upon was the more serious District 3.
Of the band, Louis said, “They’re great guys. They’ve already proved themselves vocally, and I think they are going to be great.”
Meanwhile, and despite her jibe about the band's original name, Unreality TV reports Mrs O as describing the boys as "just a delight. You can tell they take it seriously.".
For Saturday’s show, District 3 joined Walsh’s other two acts, MK1 and Union J, another boy band that changed its name, incidentally, from Triple J, after a fourth member joined.