Paul Ryan contradicts NRA Endorsement Ad

Posted Oct 9, 2012 by Greta McClain
During an interview with a Flint Michigan reporter, Paul Ryan stated President Obama is not proposing more gun laws, a statement in direct opposition to a recent NRA Victory Fund advertisement.
In the interview, which was conducted by Michigan Association of Broadcasters award winning reporter Terry Camp, Ryan said "I don't think even think President Obama is proposing more gun laws....we have good, strong gun laws" Ryan continued by saying: "The best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities, is to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline, good character."
The NRA, who officially endorsed the Romney/Ryan campaign last week, has been running a television ad claiming Obama is attacking the 2nd amendment rights of Americans and tells viewers to vote for Romney/Ryan on November 6th.
NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox said in an interview last Thursday that electing Romney-Ryan is the only way to protect our firearms freedoms.
In an article written by Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President, he claims that "Obama vowed to re-impose the discredited Clinton gun ban" and that "Obama never met a gun he liked, and never met a gun ban he didn’t like."
FactCheck.Org states that the Obama administration does have plans to negotiate a United Nations treaty that regulates the international export and import of weapons. It does not support any treaty that regulates the domestic transfer or ownership of weapons, or that infringes on the Second Amendment however.
Obama did say he would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment. According to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Tiahrt Amendment are provisions that were attached to federal spending bills which make it difficult for law enforcement officers to aggressively pursue criminals who buy and sell illegal guns. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been fighting to reform the Tiahrt Amendment since 2006. Hundreds of mayors across the U.S. joined with 30 national and state law enforcement agencies to campaign against the Tiahrt restrictions in 2007.
The Obama administration has said it is in favor of measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, but which keep guns away from children and criminals.
Ryan appears to agree with that assertion, clearly stating during the interview he believes the gun laws currently in place are good laws, and that the Obama administration is not proposing additional gun laws.
An email sent to NRA Director of Public Affairs Andrew Arulanandam requesting comment on the Ryan interview went unanswered.