Op-Ed: Ohio State University — Superb halftime show tackles video games

Posted Oct 9, 2012 by Elizabeth Batt
Known for their synchronized creative halftime shows, Ohio State University's marching band tackled video games in their halftime show on Oct 6. Their phenomenal routine tackled Halo and hit on some nostalgic games like Space Invaders.
handmrow gobucks/YouTube still shot
The routine was so spectacular that video of the show uploaded to YouTube by handmrow gobucks, quickly went viral amassing over 3 million hits in just a few days.
Fresh off their take their take on Korean rapper PSY's hit song, "Gangnam Style" preceded by their Party Rock Anthem, OSU could even make me watch football.
The halftime performance took place in the game against Nebraska last Saturday, and included sets from Zelda, Halo, Pokemon, Tetris, and others. The Tetris segment (for those who have lived under a rock, it's a block tile-matching puzzle video game) was fantastic, as band members shuffled in sync to lodge the tiles together.
But even the Tetris segment couldn't compare to the brilliance of the galloping horse running down the field toward the end of the sketch, a feat that galvanized the Buckeyes to a 63-38 win over Nebraska.
"The Ohio State University Marching Band is one of the few all-brass and percussion bands in the country, perhaps the largest of its type in the world," says the University at OSU Marching On October 28th, they'll take to the national stage and perform at the Cleveland Browns football game vs the San Diego Chargers.
Can't wait to see what they'll roll out this time.