Digital Journal releases September 2012 'Power User' list

Posted Oct 2, 2012 by Digital Journal Staff
Digital Journal published a Top 20 list in recognition of top performers from the company's gamification project that tracks and reports activity of contributors across the Digital Journal network. Here are the top Power Users from September.
Digital Journal badges are awarded to members who Achieve certain milestones.
Digital Journal badges are awarded to members who Achieve certain milestones.
Digital Journal
"Layering gamification atop our technology has been incredibly value to us," said Digital Journal CEO, Chris Hogg. "We can measure, track and report very granular data that has never before been accessible, then apply that information to help us learn more about our content contributors, audience and reach. We see this especially useful for our recently launched /newsrooms division."
Digital Journal publishes a Top 20 list to highlight the company's top performers across the Digital Journal network. Recording actions such as quantity of articles published, frequency of visit and how engaged members are, Digital Journal awards points and badges to individual contributors based on the amount of their activity. The members who stay the most active in the month are then rewarded with a "Power Users" badge.
In addition to creating incentive for contributors to participate, Digital Journal aims to showcase talent and create a level of transparency that gives an open look at how people interact with a digital media organization.
In no particular order, Digital Journal's September 2012 Power Users include:
Digital Journal compiles data on a monthly basis and resets the points at the beginning of each month when a new competition begins. More info on Digital Journal's gamification project can be found here. If you would like to compete for a top spot on Digital Journal, simply sign up for an account and start contributing! It's that simple.
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