Replacement refs rob Green Bay of victory

Posted Sep 25, 2012 by Marina Todic
Seattle Seahawks were awarded a last-second touchdown on one of the most bizzare endings of a football game you will ever see.
Elvis Kennedy/Creative Commons
Green Bay Packers safety M.D. Jennings came down with an interception to seal the win for Green Bay but instead was ruled a Golden Tate touchdown.That score gave Seattle the 14-12 victory. Tate had also pushed off on Packers cornerback Sam Shields with two hands before making his catch. The officials met for a moment before officially signaling for a touchdown. From that moment on, the simultaneous catch rule was not reviewable, by rule. The call on the field had to stand.
The chaos went on for 10 minutes while players milled around the field during discussions and reviews. Both teams had gone into the locker room before they had to be called out for the extra point.
Jennings came down with the ball. By rule, by sight and by every other metric, he should have been given an interception. But one official raised his arms for a touchdown formation, a signal that unleashed the controversy of the decade for the NFL.
This late ending takes away from what was a great performance by the Seahawks defense. They pressured Aaron Rodgers the entire game, sacking him eight times, all in the first half.
Seattle (2-1) won its second straight, while Green Bay (1-2) and saw its streak of wins in six straight road openers snapped.