'Gangnam Style' sets a Guinness World Record

Posted Sep 21, 2012 by Alexandra Christopoulos
South Korean rapper PSY's galloping dance moves, as seen in the popular single 'Gangnam Style' turned him into an online sensation when the music video came out just three short months ago. But now, the rapper can also add a world title to his success.
Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style
The song has now become the most liked video on YouTube, ABC News reports. Since its release, 'Gangnam Style' has gathered 2,234,641 'likes,' breaking the former world Guinness title, belonging to LMFAO for their popular hit, 'Party Rock Anthem.'
Gangnam is a rich district in South Korea. The song is also currently in the number one spot on iTunes. Since becoming a viral hit, PSY has been signed onto Justin Beiber's label. A dance record is rumoured to come out next, which may prove it will still be some time before PSY's catchy music gets out of your head.