Op-Ed: A new alternative currency in Bristol

Posted Sep 18, 2012 by Alexander Baron
The West Country city of Bristol has become the latest to issue its own local currency following Stroud, Brixton, and several others.
Bristol s new currency
Bristol's new currency
Bristol Credit Union
The private mafia that controls the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve may have what Major Douglas called the monopoly of credit, but although their perfidious Maastricht Treaty forbids governments from funding their deficits by printing their own currency, concerned politicians, traders and ordinary people have found a way to bypass it at the local level. In Bristol, over a hundred firms have signed up to their local currency, the Bristol Pound.
The Bristol pound has its own website and tomorrow the people behind it are holding a big launch event in the city at St Nicholas Market.
If you want to get involved with this sort of thing you can find information on the LETSLink UK website. And, if you are not in the UK, many other countries now have similar local currencies, local trading and barter systems.