Op-Ed: Video: SNL's Eastwood and Chair comedy tour

Posted Sep 17, 2012 by Greta McClain
Few doubted the season premiere of SNL would be filled with sketches from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, but what many were waiting for was for Bill Hader to take on Clint Eastwood, and the infamous chair.
Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood
Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood
Screen Capture
Bill Hader, complete with high waisted pants and gruff voice, did indeed reprise his role as Eastwood, and this time he was promoting the “Clint Eastwood and Chair” comedy tour.
Hader rambled, he berated the chair, and he even gave other politicians "chair" time.
'Talking' to President Jimmy Carter he said: “Nice work on those hostages. That turned out great.”
When 'speaking' with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie he suggested: “We’re going to need a bigger chair.”
The Eastwood and Chair tour should be a huge success. Too bad there are no scheduled tour dates, no predetermined theaters, just "Eastwood and Chair" taking their act on the road performing and entertaining audiences where ever they darn well see fit.