Op-Ed: French magazine publishes topless photos of Kate Middleton

Posted Sep 14, 2012 by Alexander Baron
Last month, Prince Harry was caught with his trousers down, literally. Now, the gutter press has gone one step further publishing topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Charlottetown  PEI
July 4  2011
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Charlottetown, PEI July 4, 2011
Undoubtedly the third in line to the throne received a stern rebuke for his antics, most likely from his grandmother and her Consort, but to some extent this was understandable. He was just another soldier having fun prior to returning to active service as a helicopter pilot. Undoubtedly he exhibited bad judgment by frolicking naked with a floozie in Las Vegas of all places, and should have realised that some people will do anything for money.
The photographs that have been published of his sister-in-law by a French magazine fall into a different category, although thankfully they only show her topless. They were taken with a telephoto lens, and their publication constitutes a clear breach of privacy, especially in France which has strict privacy laws.
The timing of their release appears also to have been designed to cause maximum embarrassment, and anger, as the Duchess and her husband Prince William are in Malaysia, a strict Moslem country.
There are surely enough naked women - and naked men for that matter - all over the Internet, including close up photos both tastefully and indecently posed. Why should anyone want to stalk the Duchess of Cambridge for the sake of a distance shot or two?
The Royal couple are understandably furious. Speaking on the BBC this morning, publicity guru Max Clifford said he hoped the couple would sue in the French courts. He also made a chilling point in view of recent events in France. The paparazzi had a camera trained on the Duchess, but it could have been a gun.