Biden gets Detroit welcome: Secret Service U-Haul truck stolen

Posted Sep 3, 2012 by Cynthia Trowbridge
The Secret Service brought a U-Haul truck on Saturday with equipment ahead of Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Detroit for a Labor Day speech. When the Secret Service checked on it Sunday morning it was gone.
Secret Service U-Haul truck stolen in Detroit
Secret Service U-Haul truck stolen in Detroit
Screengrab / Fox 2
A U-Haul truck was left in a parking lot outside the Westin Book Cadillac hotel Saturday. Inside it was equipment for the Labor Day visit of Joe Biden. On Sunday the truck was gone.
Car theft is a major problem in Detroit and Wayne County where Detroit is located. According to The Detroit News half of all car thefts in the state of Michigan are in Wayne County.
Although the Secret Service haven't said what was in the truck reports said that some of the equipment were metal detectors.
The truck was found Labor day morning in an apartment building parking lot in Detroit near Henry Ford Hospital. According to CBS Detroit some of the equipment in the truck was recovered but not all of it.
Elizabeth Pearce who lives near where the U-Haul was found said she believes some of the items were dumped around 11:30 Sunday night when she heard noises outside. reported Pearce said, “Somebody stole it, didn’t know what they had, and when they realized they couldn’t fence it, they probably dumped it here.”
When she saw the initials U.S.S. on some of the items she called two different Detroit Police precincts and then called 911. Two police officers arrived within an hour and the Secret Service arrived later.