Gymnast Gabby Douglas was bullied by fellow gymnasts in Virginia

Posted Aug 28, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Gabby Douglas, a US gymnast who won gold in London, was bullied by her fellow gymnasts back in Virginia. Fellow gymnasts called Douglas a 'slave'.
Douglas faced racism and bullying at the hands of her fellow gymnasts back in Virginia.
According to Gawker, Douglas sat down with Oprah and talked about how she was verbally abused.
According to Slate Magazine, Douglas told Oprah that the other gymnasts called her "their slave" and that she would cry her eyes out at night. Douglas went onto explain how she was the only African-American at the gym she was training at.
According to UPI, the staff and gymnasts at Excalibur Gymnastics, where the bullying allegedly took place, are saying that Douglas is lying.
The CEO, Gustavo Moure, of the gym released a statement and said that the gym provides an environment where all can thrive. Moure went onto say that Douglas' allegations were hurtful and without merit.
The owner of the gym, Dena Walker, also had something to say. Walker said that she spent a lot of time with Douglas at the gym and she never witnessed her getting bullied.