TrapWire: Anonymous gives handy tips on how to avoid surveillance

Posted Aug 21, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Now that WikiLeaks has brought TrapWire to the attention of the world, people are concerned about surveillance and being tracked wherever they go. Here are some solutions. Maybe.
Avoiding being detected by surveillance cameras
Avoiding being detected by surveillance cameras
Video screen capture
Now Anonymous has come up with a few tips to avoid surveillance cameras and defeat the facial recognition software.
Maybe a tad "tongue in cheek", they state in the description of their video, "While the Government seems hellbent on watching our every move, we are not helpless. Stand up and fight back!"
Initially they suggest wearing a mask, but as seen in the video, this isn't really suitable in public, and in some cases does not protect against biometric authentication by the TrapWire software.
Another suggestion is to tilt your head 15 degrees to the side (as in the photo above), which in effect would not allow cameras to pick up an actual face. Can look a bit awkward, though, walking in the street, looking like you have a severe crick in your neck.
Another suggestion is using a lot of makeup to cover your appearance, again not always totally satisfactory in public.
However, the best suggestion comes in the form of a hat, using laser pointers, to disrupt the view of the surveillance cameras. “With nothing more than a hat, some infrared LEDs, some wiring and a 9 Volt battery,” they will not be able to recognize you at all.
If none of the suggestions are suitable for you, they do supply a link to more options - the very handy "Guide to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) destruction."
The web page begins: "The following has been blatantly robbed from an outrageous web site we stumbled upon. We've included it here for entertainment purposes only. Honest."