Girl’s school backpack contained lunch-box plus gun and bullets

Posted Aug 21, 2012 by Igor I. Solar
While removing the lunch-box from the backpack of a 6-year-old kindergarten girl the teacher realized the luggage also contained a .38 caliber revolver and 22 bullets. The gun and ammo belongs to the girl's father who put it in the bag by mistake.
School backpack
School backpack
The Chilean National Youth Service (SENAME) reported that it will apply for protection measures to the Family Court of the city of San Bernardo, south of Santiago de Chile, in favor of the 6-year-old girl, who attended the "Casablanca Kindergarten” carrying a backpack containing a gun and bullets.
Rolando Melo, director of the SENAME said that this measure aims to request the court to order an assessment and diagnostic of the performance and child-rearing skills of the infant’s parents to identify whether there are any elements that could possibly attempt against the safety of the girl. "We cannot accept the view of a simple mistake in this case” said Melo. “Having weapons, even if they are duly registered, comes with a great responsibility of the adults, especially when there are children who can access them and who may be involved in situations that could end in tragedy." said the director of SENAME, reports LaTercera (in Spanish).
The facts were discovered when a kindergarten teacher removed the girl’s lunch-kit from the knapsack and found a .38 revolver and 22 bullets. The director of the school reported the find to the San Bernardo police station. The police officers confirmed the presence of the weapons and proceeded to contact the parents of the child.
According to reports, the girl's father, identified as Roberto Galvez, told police he had given the bag with the weapons to his daughter by mistake because it is very similar to that used by the child to carry her lunch. Mr. Galvez demonstrated to police that he has approval to have a gun and it is properly registered.
A similar event took place about a year ago in Houston, Texas, when a 6-year-old boy brought a loaded gun to his elementary school. In this occasion the gun was accidentally fired during lunch hour and three kids were injured, including the gun-bearer.
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