Video: Black woman has ‘racist’ rant on London bus

Posted Aug 21, 2012 by Richard Milnes
A test case will show whether or not the British Police treat ‘racism’ allegedly directed towards the indigenous white population in the same way as that allegedly received from the indigenous white people. Many are skeptical.
Black woman has ‘racist’ rant on London bus
Black woman has ‘racist’ rant on London bus
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Appearing aggressive and agitated, a black lady travelling on a London bus lets the whole bus know that she is African and doesn’t like white people.
“I’m so glad I’m black.” She says with a sense of relief, as though a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.
She admits "I was born African and I will f***ing die African.” And soon after “I’m f***ing African, born in England.”
She spits.
She makes it quite clear to the whole bus what her views on white people are saying “…white c**ts take from us” and “I hate white people.”
And lets the whole bus know her preference “[The] more black the happier I am.”
At the end, the recording cuts off suddenly after she says “And any f***ing…” It looks like she may have realised that she is being recorded.
The full diatribe can be seen in the YouTube video, which has already had over 16,000 views.
According to the Daily Mail the Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the footage had been brought to their attention and they were currently assessing it.
It will be interesting to see what action, if any, is taken.
As reported in Digital Journal, earlier in the year in a similar incident Jacqueline Woodhouse (who is white) was jailed for 21-weeks.
In November 2011, Emma West of New Addington (who is also white) was remanded in custody after an incident on a South London tram.
Other incidental evidence of those from so called ethnic minorities being treated preferentially include that of Emdadur Choudhury who, as reported by the Daily Mail was fined only £50 for burning a poppy on Armistice Day. However, a patriotic native Englishman, Stephen Lennon, was fined seven times as much - £350 for trying to stop him.