Op-Ed: RT's website suffering a massive DDoS attack (update)

Posted Aug 17, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Many people from all over the world are complaining on RT's Facebook page that they cannot access the RT News website. Turns out they are suffering a massive DDoS attack.
RT s Facebook page logo
RT's Facebook page logo
This morning, it is impossible to access the RT News website at
You either get a message saying the website is currently available, or it just hangs on and on trying to connect.
Initially RT tweeted that their website was experiencing technical problems, and that they didn't know the cause.
However, the following was seen a few moments ago in their Twitter feed:
This is very similar to what happened to the WikiLeaks website recently, when they were hit by a sustained distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, subsequent to releasing Stratfor cables related to the TrapWire surveillance scandal.
Update: In their latest tweet, RT is advising that "AntiLeaks", the same group who allegedly attacked the WikiLeaks and Bambuser website, are claiming responsibility:
Extract from AntiLeaks twitter feed:
Seems they are trying to blame the Pussy Riot trial for their actions.
However, thanks to a Digital Journal member, Steve K, we have an extract of an article published on the RT website, which might possibly be the cause of the website being down:
Not even in Cold War’s darkest days': International law scrapped in anti-Assange crusade
"Ecuador’s move to grant Julian Assange political asylum has shown the true face of the current world order, highlighting more clearly than ever the line between the American Empire and the rest of the world, former CIA officer Ray McGovern told RT "... what we see here is a playing out of the fact that there is a complete disrespect for international law. The embassy premises of all countries have heretofore been considered sacrosanct. The British Foreign Office is now saying ‘well, we may forcibly enter.’ "
"This was unheard of even during the worst days of the Cold War. If someone sought refuge in the US Embassy in Moscow or the Soviet Embassy in the United States, despite the friction, despite the enmity between those two countries, international law was always honored. This is unprecedented ... They have had ample opportunity to go to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and question Julian Assange. They said, ‘we’re not going to do that.' Now, why is that? The reason is, there is no case against Julian Assange. In my opinion, it’s all very transparent. They want to extradite him to Sweden, and then to the U.S. to suffer the same indignities, the same torture of Bradley Manning – the person who allegedly gave those documents to Julian Assange – has faced. This is a violation of the First Amendment in our country and other amendments in our Bill of Rights ..."
When the website is up and running again, this full article can be found at
This is the error that most people are getting when they try to access the website:
Update 2: The RT website is now up and running.