Video: Self-taught makeup artist transforms into Johnny Depp

Posted Aug 12, 2012 by Elizabeth Batt
In this incredible time-lapse video, Promise Tamang Phan transforms herself into three of Johnny Depp's most notable characters: Edward Scissor Hands, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Willy Wonka. And she's no professional.
Promise Tamang Phan/YouTube still shot
From creating strawberry butterflies on her Facebook page to dabbling with art, Promise Tamang Phan's artistic talent knows no bounds, particularly when it comes to makeup application.
Phan, who describes herself as "Just your normal girl that loves make-up," is completely self-taught. And her incredible transformations have earned the Nepalese woman over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.
With videos viewed over 120 million times, Phan has evolved into Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Scarlett Johansson and even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson; her Jackson transformation, which is also a tutorial, has been watched over one million times.
"Watch me and be entertained!" Phan says on Facebook, as "I transform myself into different celebrities and fictional characters." Phan then shows how with a calculated sweep of the brush, some shading pencils, a few props and her incredible talent, she undergoes a miraculous metamorphosis.
Her Johnny Depp clip uploaded under the username dope2111 has been viewed over 300,000 times to date. The truly puzzling question is, why nobody has hired her?