Toronto ballerina's house destroyed by tree after storm

Posted Aug 10, 2012 by Sherene Chen-See
Stephanie Hutchison, first soloist with National Ballet Canada, had the scare of her life this morning when a storm caused an oak tree to crash into her bedroom.
The National Ballet of Canada star Stephanie Hutchison
The National Ballet of Canada star Stephanie Hutchison
The National Ballet of Canada
The ballerina was sleeping with her five-year-old daughter, Charlotte, at the time. Rain and winds tore through the city that night and caused the tree to crackle and fall.
"All I heard was the roof caving in," said Hutchison in an interview with CBC. She rolled on top of her daughter and, a split second later, the tree crashed through the roof and covered them with splintered wood, broken dry wall and branches.
“It's your classic worst nightmare...My heart’s still racing," she said in an interview with City TV.
After the accident, Charlotte was too stunned to talk. "I was saying 'Charlotte, Charlotte!' when she didn't say anything and it gives you that moment of panic, [but] she was absolutely fine," said Hutchison to the CBC.
Thankfully, Hutchison and her daughter were unharmed in the incident. “I feel blessed. I definitely feel like God is watching out for me,” she said to The Toronto Star. “You can build another wall, but you can’t bring back me or my daughter.”
Hutchison is at the pinnacle of her dancing career as first sololist dancer with the ballet. A physical injury would have been devastating.
During the storm, at least one other home was severely damaged in Toronto and a number of homeowners in Scarborough had to contend with flooded basements.
A flood watch advisory was issued Friday by The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. The advisory warned residents of overflowing rivers and streams, and flooding of low lying areas.