Op-Ed: Why bother Chick-fil-A employees over company's marriage stance?

Posted Aug 9, 2012 by Andrew Moran
A video showing a man, Adam M. Smith, condemning a Chick-fil-A employee at a drive-thru is being condemned across the Internet landscape. Smith apparently was upset that the employee worked for a company that doesn't support gay marriage.
Adam Smith verbally attacking Chick-fil-A employee
Adam Smith verbally attacking Chick-fil-A employee
My colleague JohnThomas Didymus reported on the video late last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t view the video until this morning. After watching the two-minute video, it made me upset because why try to demean someone over his or her employer’s political stance?
Smith, who attempted to appear as the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses, videotaped a lady doing her minimum wage job at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru. As he tapes the employee, he begins to berate her on something that has nothing to do with her. You can tell that the lady was quite anxious and wanted to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. I feel for her.
Not only is it bad enough that the she has to work in customer service, a job that inclines her to be polite to all customers, including the ones that get upset for not having pickles on their triple-patty burger, she now has to deal with protesters.
He even egregiously asks her why she would work for such a corporation. Boy, in this economy with an unemployment rate nearing 20 percent (not the eight percent figures the government touts), it must be wonderful that he gets to pick and choose what company he gets to work for. How supercilious is this man? Now he’s upset because someone wants to work, even if it’s a customer service job that is looked down upon many in society where individuals feel they get to treat them like dirt.
This incident reminded me of a story I read by the Toronto Star earlier this week. Apparently, there is a food chain with a similar name called Chick-Felays. Many people up here in the Toronto area have been protesting this outlet by yelling at the employees or ordering things without paying for them.
"We had one guy come into one of our restaurants, ordered his food, and then refused it, asking us how we could be so discriminating," stated Chick-Felays founder and CEO Nabeel Khan. One couple also came in and started asked a staff member how he or she could work for such a company, while a family went in and called the staff "disgusting."
Why must we act like this to our fellow man, even if some people hold certain beliefs?
Of course, Smith is being absolutely hypocritical. How many companies in the world commit controversial acts that do not sit well with the populace? I have a question for Smith: do you use gas? Does your gas come from Saudi Arabia? Well, the Saudi Arabian government imprisons, tortures and/or implements a death penalty for those committing homosexual acts. Why doesn’t he go electric or ride a bike?
I have another question: does he support President Barack Obama (he reportedly does)? The incumbent leader signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which permits the military to indefinitely imprison American citizens who are accused of being terrorists. Also, the White House is now challenging a ban on the NDAA provision.
The hypocrisy of Smith is ubiquitous. Obviously, he falls for the left-right paradigm and doesn’t care about anyone who doesn’t fall within his political perspectives, including a woman he doesn’t even know.
To the Chick-fil-A employee, whatever your name is in this video [I found out it's Rachel Elizabeth], I wish you the best of luck.
For the record, I support gay marriage.