Video: Stephan Feck's 'worst Olympic dive ever' goes viral

Posted Aug 9, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
German diver Stephan Feck finished last in the preliminary round of the men's three-meter springboard diving contest at the London Olympics. Although, he came last and was eliminated from the competition, his performance earned him fame.
Stephan Feck in worst Olympic dive ever
Stephan Feck in worst Olympic dive ever
NBC Olympics
According to SB Nation, he failed to qualify and finished last with a score of 133.8, 167.65 points behind the diver who finished ahead of him. According to The Huffington Post, the flop was his second attempt of the round. It was a three-and-a-half somersault that saw him landing flat on his back in the water. He lost his hold on his left leg during rotation and went into an uncontrolled spin. The goal of a diver is to slip into the water with as little splash as possible, but by landing on his back, Feck caused the maximum splash and earned a deserved zero from all the judges.
Feck, a 22-year-old from Leipzig, accomplished a successful dive after his failure at the second attempt, but withdrew in distress, Yahoo! Sports reports.
The clip has gone viral online as one of the biggest flops in Olympic history. The media have not spared Feck after his embarrassing dive. SB Nation's Ryan Hudson inquires: "So what the Feck happened? Quite simply, he performed one of the worst dives ever in Olympic competition... but made himself forever Internet famous... Feck'd it!"
The Herald Sun says, "German Stephan Feck complete dive disaster at Games" The Mirror: "Oh Feck! German diver Stephan Feck causes waves with back-slapping dive." Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) says: "Oh, Feck: German diver bombs - and gets nothing but a slap on the back for his efforts."
Hitting the water flat can bruise a diver. According to SMH, Australian rookie Ethan Warren, said: "It depends how you hit the water, really. You get this big sort of burning, stinging sensation. A bit of bruising, some blood vessels can pop, but overall that's sport."
Netizens have derived a new expression from Feck's diving blooper: "Oh, Feck" "What a Feck!" "For Feck's sake!" are now choice expressions in online forums.