Pakistani police officers parade man and two women, naked

Posted Aug 6, 2012 by Melissa Horrocks
A man and two women, were paraded naked through the streets of Islamabad by police officers.The incident took place in a town that follows a deep, conservative Muslim faith.
File photo: Islamabad Police unit
File photo: Islamabad Police unit
Islamabad Police
According to The Star, two women and a man have been paraded through the streets naked, by four Pakistani police officials.
It is not clear why the three were naked whilst being escorted to the police station in Gambat on July 28. It is thought that they were taken from their homes naked and not given the opportunity to change into clothes.
Businessman, Mumtaz Mallah, 52, informed Reuters, that police were enforcing punishment on him due to him not paying a bribe. It is believed that the three were part of a prostitution ring and that the punishment was the authorities way of responding to community pressure.
The three individuals were naked when they were arrested from Mallah's home. Irfan Baloch, a senior, local police officer said that they should have been covered over by the police and that they had made a mistake by not allowing the three to get changed into clothes. Locals from the Town recorded the arrests on video. The video shows that Mallah was trying to put clothes on at the time of arrest, but was not allowed to do so.
The two women are still in police custody, but Mallah has been released on bail. Baloch said, "The main arresting police officer's mistake was that he should have covered them up," reports
Reuters reports that, the four Pakistani policemen have been suspended, but no further information has been released yet.