Op-Ed: Multiple shooters at Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting? Video update

Posted Aug 6, 2012 by Anne Sewell
There was supposed to be just one gunman involved in the tragic shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. This gunman was shot by police. Case closed. However, witness statements on YouTube videos say otherwise.
Witness to the shootings at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek  Wisconsin.
Witness to the shootings at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
Video screen capture
Digital Journal reported on August 5, on the tragic shooting of 7 people, and injuring of at least 20 more, at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. At that time it was reported that a single gunman was responsible for the tragedy, and was shot dead by police.
In the video above, a witness at the scene describes the event and that at "between 10, 10:30, four white males, who were dressed darkly, came in and opened fire on our congregation, and from what I am told, about 20, 25 people have been hit."
A second video shows a local man, whose parents were involved in the shooting. When asked what he knows about the situation, he says, "The most I can learn, the most I know as of now, is that there were multiple shooters, there were multiple people. It was a very well coordinated thing, it wasn't haphazard.."
The niece of someone involved in the shooting told reporters that an "unknown number of gunmen had walked into the Sikh temple and opened fire." A man's father, who was injured in the incident, reported that there had been "multiple gunmen." Others who were inside the building at the time of the attack described it as a "very coordinated thing."
The incident is sounding more and more like the Colorado shooting, where James Holmes was allegedly the only shooter, but witnesses had reported seeing another gunman.
It makes you wonder, when people actually present on the scene saw multiple shooters, the police reports end up blaming just one man?
Video Update:
The following interview was held by We are Change with a resident in the area: